"A little bit about Bullet. He was shot twice as a puppy. One…
November 1, 2021/by alex


This is CLYDE the dog. I made this portrait for Daniel Bennett…
October 1, 2021/by alex


Oakley, 2021, Oil on canvas, 12 x 12 inches
September 15, 2021/by alex

Full Birthday Circle!

Happy September, Friends!
On Barbie Larimore's birthday in June,…
September 1, 2021/by alex


Happy National Dog Day 2021, everybody!
August 26, 2021/by alex

CHIPPER, the mighty Havanese

August, Friends!
This is CHIPPER, the mighty Havanese, beloved…
August 1, 2021/by alex

RUBY, the Springer Spaniel

I forgot to show Ruby by herself. Eric Rothenberg’s beautiful…
July 15, 2021/by alex


Happy July, Friends!
This is RUBY, the jewel of the agility…
July 1, 2021/by alex


Here’s a kitty for your Friday, Queen Meow Meow.
June 15, 2021/by alex


Happy June, Friends!
Summer is nigh!
This is my portrait of…
June 1, 2021/by alex


Happy Birthday @kathy_treat!!!
This is a portrait of sweet,…
May 15, 2021/by alex


Happy May, Friends!
This is Townsend, @culvercasson’s sons'…
May 1, 2021/by alex


Here’s a photo from 5 years ago working on MORGAN.
April 15, 2021/by alex

DEWEY, the Goldendoodle

Happy April, Friends!
This is Dewey, the Goldendoodle here to…
April 1, 2021/by alex


Here’s a portrait that I painted a few years back of Charlie…
March 15, 2021/by alex

Japanese Anemones

Happy March, Friends!
Spring will arrive this month, as well…
March 1, 2021/by alex


This is a portrait that @catcar19 asked me to paint last year…
February 15, 2021/by alex

Happy February!

Happy February, Friends!
As the snow is piling up outside my…
February 1, 2021/by alex


@brucejaymilner ‘s two bulldogs (one's in heaven now) taking…
January 15, 2021/by alex


And Happy January! These are my portraits of @hilda.gitchell’s…
January 1, 2021/by alex

CHUEY, the Labradoodle

Chuey is a very cute Labradoodle who divides his time between…
December 15, 2020/by alex


Happy December, Friends!
This is Ms. Mystery December. She is…
December 1, 2020/by alex


Rebirth. I finished this painting on the day that Biden beat…
November 15, 2020/by alex


Happy November, Everybody!
This is my portrait of Cleo the dog…
November 1, 2020/by alex

October in Woodstock

Woodstock in October is the very best.
October 15, 2020/by alex


Happy October, Friends!
@swham1’s wife is having a baby in…
October 1, 2020/by alex

Happy September!

Happy September, Friends! this is my portrait of MILLIE, the…
September 1, 2020/by alex

Primrose Creek

I started this painting in The Before Times and have been pecking…
August 15, 2020/by alex

Ryder, the Irish Setter

Happy August, Gang! This is my portrait of RYDER, she's @beth.kinsella’s…
August 1, 2020/by alex

4th with the Fam in Woodstock

A Fourth of July walk with the fam. Happy Independence Day!
July 4, 2020/by alex

July Portrait of Tina Bunny

Happy July, Gang! I’ve loved @amysedaris ever since Strangers…
July 1, 2020/by alex

Foxgloves: Now In Season

Digitalis Grandiflora according to plant finder. Thanks sis.…
June 15, 2020/by alex

June Bloom

Happy June! This is a birthday present for Andy Cohen who recently…
June 1, 2020/by alex

Wowie Zowie

A happy customer. Zowie’s portrait made it to Canada just in…
May 15, 2020/by alex

May Day

Happy May, Friends! This is Zowie, as in Zowie Bowie and she…
May 1, 2020/by alex

Noble Fir at Ecola Park, Oregon

Here’s a painting from 1996 called Noble Fir, 32”x24”.…
April 15, 2020/by alex

April G.O.A.T.

Happy April, Friends! This is Magic Johnson aka G.O.A.T (Greatest…
April 1, 2020/by alex

Oregon Coast Seascape, 1991

It’s been rainy here the last few days. Cozy. This is a landscape…
March 15, 2020/by alex

March Madness / Double Trouble

Happy March! These are my portraits of Olive and Pepper, Lucy…
March 1, 2020/by alex

Henry the Traveller

Here's the February featured painting alone. HENRY, 12”x12”,…
February 2, 2020/by alex

Fab February!

Happy February, Gang! This is my portrait of Henry. Henry is…
February 1, 2020/by alex

Portrait of Max featured at Museum of the Dog in NYC

Exciting news! My portrait of Max, the Bracco Italiano, was one…
January 14, 2020/by alex

Happy 2020!

Happy New Year! Happy New Decade! It's The Year of the Horse,…
January 1, 2020/by alex

Lucy the Bijon Frisé

For my last post of the decade, I present LUCY, the Bijon Frisé. Meredith…
December 31, 2019/by alex

2020 calendars are in!

My 2020 Calendar is here! Get em while they’re hot! The perfect…
December 14, 2019/by alex

Oregon Landscape

This painting is called Lyre Tree from 1995. Painted in Ecola…
October 7, 2019/by alex

Happy September!

Happy September Tropicale, Y’all! Summer’s not over until…
September 1, 2019/by alex

Happy August, y’all.

This hat makes me want to talk like a horse wrangler.

August 1, 2019/by alex

Summer Sale Ends Today

Today is the last day of my summer sale, 20% off all new commissions!

July 17, 2019/by alex

Happy July!

Happy July you guys! Let the sun shine in! This is my portrait…
July 1, 2019/by alex

Portrait of Kade and Nick

This is a portrait that I painted 6 (!) years ago for @karlgaj…
June 20, 2019/by alex

Scout the Kitty

Happy June! This is my recent Portrait of SCOUT the Kitty. Scout’s…
June 1, 2019/by alex

Catskill Landspace

This is the landscape commission that I recently finished for…
May 15, 2019/by alex

May Flowers!

April showers bring May flowers... Happy May Day! This is LILY,…
May 1, 2019/by alex

My dog Sally

My dog Sally is my master. She communicates through meaning soaked…
April 15, 2019/by alex

April Fools’!

Happy April!! This is NEMO the cat, besties with CASSIUS and…
April 1, 2019/by alex

Ladybird of the High Desert

Introducing Judy Ladybird of Austin Texas, my latest portrait.…
March 15, 2019/by alex

Davis and Ford

My latest portrait is of DAVIS AND FORD, the adorable sons of…
March 15, 2019/by alex

Buster, the Bijon-Poodle

Merry month of March! This is BUSTER, the Bijon/Poodle mix. He…
March 1, 2019/by alex

Happy Valentine’s!

Happy Valentine's Day! This is KUMA, ready to jump out of the…
February 14, 2019/by alex

February Friend!

Happy February from the Polar Vortex! This is my portrait of…
February 1, 2019/by alex

Dot the Westhighland Terrier

This is DOT the Westhighland Terrier, painted for someone who…
January 15, 2019/by alex

Happy 2019!

Happy New Year!! This is SCARLET the New Years Chihuahua, the…
January 1, 2019/by alex

Ollie the Beagle

This is my memorial portrait of OLLIE, the beagle. Ollie’s…
December 15, 2018/by alex

Happy December!

Happy December everyone from me and Max the Bracco Italiano!…
December 1, 2018/by alex


This is my large (40”x40”) portrait of Wyatt, youngest son…
November 15, 2018/by alex

Autumn in the Catskills

C’est Novembre! That’s French for, It’s November! And this…
November 1, 2018/by alex


A boy and his dog. This is GORDIE AND ROSIE, oil on canvas, 2014,…
October 15, 2018/by alex

Oregon Coast

This is an early landscape painting of mine from 1992 called…
October 15, 2018/by alex

Opus 40

Happy October! In honor of my favorite month, my birth month,…
October 1, 2018/by alex

Old Growth Stump

This painting is called OLD GROWTH STUMP. I painted this stump…
September 15, 2018/by alex

September with Lola Jane

It’s September! And I’m at KTD Monastery in Woodstock to…
September 1, 2018/by alex


It’s August, and ALL has been revealed! Yes, DUKE is the dog…
August 1, 2018/by alex

Oregon Landscape

Here is another one of my Oregon landscapes from Ecola Park near…
July 3, 2018/by alex

Stars and Stripes

Happy July! I am donning @mrchriswells silver disco shorts…
July 1, 2018/by alex

Queen Meow Meow

Here’s my latest portrait, Queen Meow Meow who recently joined…
June 25, 2018/by alex

Mouse and Arlo

Here’s one of my faves from 2014 of Mouse and Arlo. Oil on…
June 18, 2018/by alex

Now accepting Landscape commissions!

I know, this is not a dog, it’s a landscape! And I’m here…
June 14, 2018/by alex


Here’s an early portrait from 2012 of CHESSIE the King Charles…
June 10, 2018/by alex

Mister June at Art Omi

Happy June everyone! This is Mr June, SATCHI, @surfpanda’s…
June 1, 2018/by alex

Chuey, the Labradoodle

Here’s my latest portrait, CHUEY the labradoodle, 20 x 20 inches,…
May 21, 2018/by alex

Radio Kingston Interview

Hey! Tune me in this afternoon from 1-3 on Julie Novak’s show…
May 7, 2018/by alex

May Day

It’s May! And this is Millie, the Chocolate Lab, my latest…
May 1, 2018/by alex

Lola Jane, the Great Dane

This is my latest portrait, LOLA JANE, the Great Dane, 20 x 20…
April 7, 2018/by alex

April Fools’!

It’s April and this is Miss Mini, the latest in my series of…
April 1, 2018/by alex


Introducing ZEUS! the mighty Chihuahua. And friend of @claudiajacobsdesigns.…
March 3, 2018/by alex

March Dog of the Month

Welcome MARCH!! The month that holds the beginning of Spring!…
March 1, 2018/by alex


This is my latest portrait, DUKE, the juvenile delinquent with…
February 5, 2018/by andrew

Ta Da!

Ta Da! SO excited to announce the second in my series of limited…
February 1, 2018/by andrew

Queso, Dog of the Month

Hey Gang! So excited to announce my new limited edition, signed…
January 10, 2018/by alex