Here’s a kitty for your Friday, Queen Meow Meow.
12”x12”, Oil on Canvas, 2018


Primrose Creek

I started this painting in The Before Times and have been pecking away at it for months. The other night I was looking at it and decided it was finished!

Primrose Creek, 30″x24″, Oil on Canvas, 2020

Wowie Zowie

A happy customer. Zowie’s portrait made it to Canada just in time for her birthday! @thalharper .


April G.O.A.T.

Happy April, Friends! This is Magic Johnson aka G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time). @davidsteinglass passes this handsome guy frequently and felt he should be memorialized standing on his favorite table.


March Madness / Double Trouble

Happy March! These are my portraits of Olive and Pepper, Lucy Ruwitch Langer’s two Cairn Terriers who love each other so much that I had to weave them together. I feel especially grateful for our furry friends today as they keep us grounded and connected to the present moment and remind us of our capacity to love even when we are feeling fearful.
Olive, 16”x16”, Oil on Canvas, 2020
Pepper, 16”x16”, Oil on Canvas, 2020

Happy 2020!

Happy New Year! Happy New Decade! It’s The Year of the Horse, at least in my studio. This is FRANCESCA’s SHADOW, a memorial portrait commissioned by Andy Ackerman for someone who recently lost her long time friend. It’s my first horse portrait, and I’m hoping to do lots more. So tell your horse-y friends that Robert Lucy is painting horses in 2020!

Photo by @alexanderwyly

Lucy the Bijon Frisé

For my last post of the decade, I present LUCY, the Bijon Frisé. Meredith Knight (my dear sister) commissioned this Christmas portrait of her new friend with the name that is woven through her life in various and meaningful ways. Thank you all who have supported my work this last decade.

“And now we welcome the New Year, full of things that have never been” -Rilke

thanks Polly

Lucy, oil on canvas, 16″x16″

Happy August, y’all.

This hat makes me want to talk like a horse wrangler.

This is my recent portrait of KIRWAN, the notorious Shiba Inu who lives with his pal Roger Wills in Chicago. The portrait is a present from his dear friend and mine, the wonderful Cathy Carlton Hews. 12 x 12 inches, oil on canvas

Summer Sale Ends Today

Today is the last day of my summer sale, 20% off all new commissions!

Portrait of Bender, 2014, Oil on canvas, 12 x 16 inches, Collection of Lee and Gene Deutsch, St. Louis

Happy July!

Happy July you guys! Let the sun shine in! This is my portrait of FANNY. Fanny recently returned to the light, but she is being remembered and celebrated in many ways, especially by @katenoon, her BFF. 12”x12”, oil on canvas.