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This is CLYDE the dog. I made this portrait for Daniel Bennett as a donation to the fabulous non profit @furryfunding. Cathy Trent who has 5 Robert Lucy portraits of her 5 chihuahuas is a big supporter and asked me to help. I encourage you all to check out and support this worthy organization. CLYDE, 12″x12″, […]


Oakley, 2021, Oil on canvas, 12 x 12 inches

Full Birthday Circle!

Happy September, Friends! On Barbie Larimore’s birthday in June, her sister Joanne Larimore asked me to make a memorial portrait for Barbie of her beloved dog, Oakley. Here it is, and as it happens, today is Joanne’s birthday. It’s a full birthday circle. Happy Birthday to both of you fab sisters! OAKLEY, 12″x12″, Oil on […]

CHIPPER the mighty Havanese

August, Friends! This is CHIPPER, the mighty Havanese, beloved pal of David Frank and his family. @nycfranks Time to soak up every last bit o summer, y’all! CHIPPER, 20″x16″, Oil on Canvas, 2021

RUBY the Springer Spaniel

I forgot to show Ruby by herself. Eric Rothenberg’s beautiful Springer Spaniel. RUBY, 16×16”, Oil on Canvas, 2021


Happy July, Friends! This is RUBY, the jewel of the agility ring, beloved friend to Eric Rothenberg , and a real regal beauty. Hope your July is filled with sunshine, pools and friends. RUBY, 16″x16″, Oil on Canvas, 2021


Happy June, Friends! Summer is nigh! This is my portrait of WILLIE the poodle who lives with and loves his friends Karen Hadley and Sonja Rothe. I painted her under bright summer sunshine. Hope this month is full of dog walks and peonies and patio dinners. WILLIE, 12″x12″, Oil on Panel, 2021 Thanks @alexanderwyly


Happy Birthday @kathy_treat!!! This is a portrait of sweet, shaggy Oscar that @jennifercgrant asked me to paint for her dear friend. OSCAR, 12″x12″, Oil on Panel, 2021 .