Primrose Creek

I started this painting in The Before Times and have been pecking away at it for months. The other night I was looking at it and decided it was finished!

Primrose Creek, 30″x24″, Oil on Canvas, 2020

Noble Fir at Ecola Park, Oregon

Here’s a painting from 1996 called Noble Fir, 32”x24”. Painted on the trails of Ecola Park near Canon Beach on the Oregon Coast.

Oregon Coast Seascape, 1991

It’s been rainy here the last few days. Cozy. This is a landscape that I painted outdoors en plein air style in Oregon in 1991. They do a lot of rainy there.

Oregon Landscape

This painting is called Lyre Tree from 1995. Painted in Ecola Park Oregon. Oil on linen, 28”x24”.

Oregon Coast

This is an early landscape painting of mine from 1992 called GREEN OCEAN. Oil on linen.

Oregon Landscape

Here is another one of my Oregon landscapes from Ecola Park near Canon Beach, 1997, Oil on Linen.