“A little bit about Bullet. He was shot twice as a puppy. One bullet was not able to be removed hence the name. He then went to a Jefferson City shelter where he spent the next eleven years unadopted and living outside. He had a thick coat so the heat was hard. He was afraid of Thunder. Wendy’s son Joey picked him out and at age twelve he had his first home. His three favorite things other than his people were air conditioning, scrambled eggs and his hedgehog.”
This is the memorial portrait of BULLET that Bitsy Taussig commissioned for her sister Wendy Taussig Ford’s birthday in October.
Happy belated Wendy! and thanks for giving Bullet some sweet life. ❤️

BULLET, 12″x12″, Oil on Canvas, 2021


This is CLYDE the dog. I made this portrait for Daniel Bennett as a donation to the fabulous non profit @furryfunding. Cathy Trent who has 5 Robert Lucy portraits of her 5 chihuahuas is a big supporter and asked me to help. I encourage you all to check out and support this worthy organization.

CLYDE, 12″x12″, Oil on Canvas, 2021

CHIPPER, the mighty Havanese

August, Friends!
This is CHIPPER, the mighty Havanese, beloved pal of David Frank and his family.

Time to soak up every last bit o summer, y’all!

CHIPPER, 20″x16″, Oil on Canvas, 2021


Happy July, Friends!
This is RUBY, the jewel of the agility ring, beloved friend to Eric Rothenberg , and a real regal beauty.
Hope your July is filled with sunshine, pools and friends.

RUBY, 16″x16″, Oil on Canvas, 2021

Happy September!

Happy September, Friends! this is my portrait of MILLIE, the beautiful golden retriever much loved by @jmandelmarcus and her family.

MILLIE, 24″x24″, Oil on Canvas, 2020

Photo by @alexanderwyly

May Day

Happy May, Friends! This is Zowie, as in Zowie Bowie and she lives in the land up North with her pals @thalharper and her BF Andrew. Thal has a great way with interior design and loves blue. I’m looking forward to installation shots!
Enjoy your May flowers and your socially distanced Maypole dancing!
Photo by @alexanderwyly
Scarf by @ndgeventdesign
ZOWIE, 20″x20″, Oil on Canvas, 2020


April G.O.A.T.

Happy April, Friends! This is Magic Johnson aka G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time). @davidsteinglass passes this handsome guy frequently and felt he should be memorialized standing on his favorite table.


March Madness / Double Trouble

Happy March! These are my portraits of Olive and Pepper, Lucy Ruwitch Langer’s two Cairn Terriers who love each other so much that I had to weave them together. I feel especially grateful for our furry friends today as they keep us grounded and connected to the present moment and remind us of our capacity to love even when we are feeling fearful.
Olive, 16”x16”, Oil on Canvas, 2020
Pepper, 16”x16”, Oil on Canvas, 2020

Henry the Traveller

Here’s the February featured painting alone. HENRY, 12”x12”, oil on canvas.

Fab February!

Happy February, Gang! This is my portrait of Henry. Henry is a very special dog. He has travelled over 50,000 miles across 23 states with his fabulous friend (and my friend too) @carolinekrausphotoart to make their film “Moments of Truth”. The film explores how America treats our animals. Coming soon! stay tuned for more info on this incredible film. And enjoy this month o love ❤️.  Photo by @alexanderwyly