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Happy Birthday @kathy_treat!!! This is a portrait of sweet, shaggy Oscar that @jennifercgrant asked me to paint for her dear friend. OSCAR, 12″x12″, Oil on Panel, 2021 .


Happy May, Friends! This is Townsend, @culvercasson’s sons’ bud and Sally’s brother from another mother. Wishing you all lots of flowers and sunshine and fresh green leaves this month. Townsend, 12″x12″, Oil on Canvas, 2021 .


Here’s a photo from 5 years ago working on MORGAN.

DEWEY, the Goldendoodle

Happy April, Friends! This is Dewey, the Goldendoodle here to wipe your April Fool’s Blues away. @ltchristenson DEWEY, 12″x12″, Oil on Canvas, 2021


Here’s a portrait that I painted a few years back of Charlie Fontana. 20”x16”, oil on canvas, 2018

Japanese Anemones

Happy March, Friends! Spring will arrive this month, as well as our Covidversary. What an epic year. I stayed at home and painted more this year than any other. Here’s a painting of Japanese Anemones that I hope will get your month started off on a positive note. Japanese Anemones, 20″x20″, oil on Canvas, 2021


This is a portrait that @catcar19 asked me to paint last year for her friend Roger Wills, whose dear furry friend Kirwan had just gone to doggie heaven.

Happy February!

Happy February, Friends! As the snow is piling up outside my window, it might be a nice time to think about a pug in a nice warm, summer garden!


@brucejaymilner ‘s two bulldogs (one’s in heaven now) taking a snooze. Frankie and Jasmine, 16”x16”, Oil on Canvas 2018


HAPPY NEW YEAR! And Happy January! These are my portraits of @hilda.gitchell’s friends Rory and Maeve to help bark in the New Year. I hope that it is a year full of Hope, Joy and Prosperity for you all.