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CHUEY, the Labradoodle

Chuey is a very cute Labradoodle who divides his time between Brooklyn and Red Hook NY. He was very pleased with his portrait, as were his human friends. Chuey, 20″x20″, Oil on Canvas, 20″x20″, 2018


Happy December, Friends! This is Ms. Mystery December. She is a surprise gift for later in the month, so if you recognize her, mum’s the word. Ms. Mystery December, 12″x12″, Oil on Canvas, 2020


Rebirth. I finished this painting on the day that Biden beat Trump officially. Though I started this painting in June, it felt symbolic to finish it on that glorious day. It seems to hold the spirit of the feeling that I felt watching the speeches that night. This is the first of a pair of […]


Happy November, Everybody! This is my portrait of Cleo the dog here to help celebrate the new month. Hope you all are enjoying a lazy Autumn Sunday. @perdymullins


Happy October, Friends! @swham1’s wife is having a baby in December, so he thought that their rescue baby EDIE needed some special attention before that happens. Yesterday our Sally barked at Edie’s portrait, the first time in all these years that she’s done that. Maybe she looks like her mom? October is my favorite month, […]

Happy September!

Happy September, Friends! this is my portrait of MILLIE, the beautiful golden retriever much loved by @jmandelmarcus and her family. MILLIE, 24″x24″, Oil on Canvas, 2020 Photo by @alexanderwyly


Primrose Creek

I started this painting in The Before Times and have been pecking away at it for months. The other night I was looking at it and decided it was finished! Primrose Creek, 30″x24″, Oil on Canvas, 2020

Ryder, the Irish Setter

Happy August, Gang! This is my portrait of RYDER, she’s @beth.kinsella’s Irish Setter friend. Hope you and your pooches enjoy the dog days of summer! RYDER, 12″x12″, Oil on Panel, 2020 Photo by @alexanderwyly